Thursday, January 13, 2011

A dark day is upon us.

I have some terrible news.  Last night I happily gypsied while my hubby watched storm chasers.  I came up with such a cute idea for a card for Tuesday Trigger @ Moxie Fab World.  This morning I had baby girl all set up with toys and my paper cut to size and on the mat ready to cut.  I power up my Cricut and plug in my gypsy.  Look back at my Cricut and it's turned off.  I think what the heck.  After a long battle and trying everything I called ProvoCraft.  MY CRICUT IS DONE FOR!!!!! Now I have 2-4 weeks to wait until the replacement arrives.  And nothing to fill up my time but house work.  I know its a travesty and the worst thing to happen to me this year.  I might decide to go Cricut-less for a few challenges.  Road conditions permitting my sister may lend me her back-up Cricut.  But until then I fear my posts maybe few and far between.

1 comment:

  1. Oh Leila, it is a dark day indeed!LOL Hope you can make it to get my backup cricut but you might have to drive a snowplow to get here!